8th Grade

8th Grade


My name is Paula Van Hollebeke and I am the 8th Grade homeroom teacher here at St. Pius X Catholic School. This is my second year teaching at St. Pius X and I love it! I manage the 8th Grade homeroom, teach 8th Grade Religion and 6th through 8th Grade Math.  I love teaching Religion and Math and doing so allows me to use the gifts that God has given to me!

I married into a big Catholic family to Paul and we have two daughters, Alaina (18) and Emma (15).  Both of our daughters attended catholic grade school (St. Matthew) and high school (Bishop Blanchet).  Alaina is now attending college at Western Washington University.  While the girls were growing up, I substitute taught at various catholic schools including St. Alphonsus, St. Benedict, Christ the King and St. Mark.  Before our children were born, I taught 1st Grade at Assumption-St. Bridget Catholic School in the U-District. 

Working at St. Pius X Catholic School has given me a wonderful sense of community.  I enjoy organizing experiences for the students here and giving all that I can to further their life experience in a joyful way.  Some of these fun experiences include field trips to Museum of Flight, Sacred Heart Radio, Camp Hamilton Outdoor Education Camp, Golden Gardens, Warm Beach, March for Life, St. James Cathedral, MOHAI, St. Cecilia's Retreat Center.

As 8th Grade homeroom teacher, I also manage the ASB which has 13 members.  Our ASB is an active, excited and productive group of students who make every effort to try to improve on things going on at school and around the world.  Currently, they are organizing a dance for middle school students where the proceeds will go to victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  

I think that St. Pius X Catholic School is a hidden wonderful secret and that if more families were aware of this wonderful school, we would have lines out the door of people wanting to register!


Paula Van Hollebeke

AKA, "Mrs. Van" 



News Items

Current Classroom Newsletter

May 29, 2018 

Thank You's

A special thank you to Melanie McMorrow, who headed up the Teacher’s Appreciation Tea. It was such a beautiful event.  Thank you also to all who helped her put that together and worked so hard in making it an oasis for us! Thank you, Melanie, Monica, Bhernie, and Henry!  We loved it!

Thank you to Jaimy Ortega and Monica Keen for driving us to Stanwood for the retreat with Fr. Christiansen.  Also, thank you to Mr. Parker for taking the day to drive us there!

Thank you to Lisa Fox for putting together our 8th Grade Video! I can’t wait to watch it! Remember to bring your Kleenex!

Warm Beach Retreat

Warm Beach is happening THIS Thursday!  Please have your child use the packing list to be sure to include all that they will need.  They should plan to bring one bag and a backpack, plus a pillow and sleeping bag.  I would recommend putting the sleeping bag into a garbage sack to keep it clean, if it ends up on the ground.  Please make sure they pack a water bottle that can be refilled.

If your child needs medication during our 2 days, please send the medication in a Ziploc bag that is labelled with your child’s name, the dosage information and frequency.  This includes prescription medication and over the counter medication.  If your child is prone to allergies, or headaches, and may need Benadryl or Tylenol, please use these instructions as well.  Medication needs to be given to Mrs. Van Hollebeke by Thursday morning before we leave.

Drivers, attached are the directions to warm beach, and the carpools.  Before we leave, I would like to collect all driver cell phone numbers.  We plan to leave around 9am on Thursday, 5/31/18.  We will need to be picked up on Friday, 6/1 at 2:30pm so that we can return by carpool time at 3:15.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs. Poteet and the parents of 7th Graders have planned a lovely brunch and reception for our graduates and their families.  Please be sure to thank them when you see them. 

Schedule for Graduation Day, 6/06 (Wednesday)

  • 8:45am – School Starts (8th Dressed Up! **NEW**)
  • 9:00 – Mass (Reserved seating for families of Graduates in rows off center aisle)
  • 10:00 – Brunch in Social Hall
  • 11:00 – Good-bye Ceremony in Jocson-Arata Gym (Remember token gift for teacher that represents the class about which your child is telling their memory)
  • 12:00 – 8th Dismissal and Report Cards given out
  • 6:30p – 8th Graders to Social Hall (Dressed up)
  • 7:00p – Graduation begins. (Seating reserved for graduates and teachers only)
  • 8:00p – Reception in Jocson-Arata Gym.

Moving Up Ceremony/Awards Assembly

On Tuesday, 6/12 at 1:00 in the Jocson-Arata Gym, there will be a Moving Up Ceremony and Awards Assembly for the lower grades.  Sometimes the graduating class wants to come and see this, so mark your calendars.  Remember that following this assembly, school will still be in session, and the graduates will need to respect this and wait with parents until school is dismissed at 3:15 before visiting classrooms.

Summer To Do List (To Make Freshman Year Less Stressful)

Your child will be going to a new school in the Fall.  It will be difficult for them in a variety of ways. They will not be familiar with their buildings, teachers, processes, schedules, classes, friends, etc.  Please spend the summer familiarizing yourself with their new school.  This may include requirements on how an absence for an orthodontic appointment is handled, the process for pulling them out of school early, or bringing them to school late.  The more that you know, the easier it will be for you and your child to feel at ease about the transition.  Below are some things for you to do during the summer that will help make your freshman year less stressful.

  1. Summer Reading List:  Check the website for your school and find out what their reading requirements are for the summer.  They will have to read something and then, either write about it, or participate in a discussion in the Fall regarding what they have read.  Don’t let your child wait until the last minute.
  1. Sports Physicals: Schedule your child’s sports physical during the summer. The school will not allow students to participate in sports unless they have these documents on file.  Go to the website of your school and find the necessary forms that you will fill out and bring to your doctor’s appointment.  This is especially important for Fall sports participation, as some of the practices begin in August before school starts.
  1. Community Service:  Check the requirements of your school and see if they require community service.  If they do, you can do it over the summer, get it done and not have to worry about it the rest of the year.  It is usually about 20 hours per year, and a reflection essay may be required.  They may have a reporting website for your student on which to log their hours.

Dates to Remember:

  • 5/30/18 - 8th Grade sings at Mass, 9am
  • 5/30/18 - Field Day, 1pm (Students are to dress in specific colors!) 
  • 5/31/18 - Warm Beach Retreat, depart 9am
  • 6/01/18 - Return from Warm Beach, 3:15pm
  • 6/06/18 - Report Cards
  • 6/06/18 - Graduation Brunch, after Mass 
  • 6/06/18 - Graduation 
  • 6/12/18 - Moving Up Ceremony/Awards Assembly, 1pm Gym
  • 6/14/18 - Cleaning Day 
  • 6/15/18 - Last Day of School, 10am Dismissal 

Paula Van Hollebeke


School: (425) 778-9861




Monday (5/21/18):  Our Lady Written Report Due, end of day.

Tuesday (5/22/18): Draft Prayers of Faithful. Work on Our Lady Sketches.

Wednesday (5/23/18): 8th Sings at Mass, 9am. 

Thursday (5/24/18): Work on Our Lady Sketches.

Friday (5/25/18):  Our Lady Complete Report Due.  SHR Due.  Community Service Essay Due.  Andrew Star Due.


(Homework is due the day following assignment unless otherwise noted.) 

Monday (5/21/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Math-Drills Slope Worksheet. (#1-16).
  • Algebra 1: Factor Special Products. Pg 545-546 (#3-39 Odd).

Tuesday (5/22/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Slope of a Line. Pg 423-425 (#1-53 Odd).
  • Algebra 1: Factor Polynomials Completely. Pg 552-553 (#3-53 Odd).

Wednesday (5/23/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Math-Drills Slope-Intercept Worksheet. (#1-10, #1-16).
  • Algebra 1: Chapter 8 Review. Pg 558-562 (#2-66 Even).

Thursday (5/24/18):

  • Pre-Algebra: Slope-Intercept Form. Pg 433-435 (#1-47 Odd).
  • Algebra 1: Chapter 8 Test Practice. Pg 563 (#1-35).

Friday (5/25/18):

  • Pre-Algebra:  Write Linear Equations Math Drills Worksheets. (#1-24).
  • Algebra 1: Chapter 8 Test.



Monday (5/21/18):  Con't with info on 4 inner planets.

Tuesday (5/22/18):  There is no HW because p. 548 (1-3) due at end of class!

Wednesday (5/23/18): Computer lab w/ Mrs. Fox.

Thursday (5/24/18):  Complete the in class worksheet if needed..

Friday (5/25/18):  Write a paragraph about solar system exploration.


Social Studies - Week of 4/30 - No Social Studies This Week







Literature (Updated 5/21)

Monday: No Literature Class on Mondays.  

Tuesday: Wizard of Oz through Ch 17 Due.  Read through Ch 20 by Thurs.  Hero Journey Chart.  Map Project Assigned. Due Friday.  

Wednesday: No Literature Class on Wednesday.  

Thursday: Map Project Work Period.  

Friday:  Map Project Due. 


Language Arts (Updated 5/21)

Monday: No LA Class on Mondays



Thursday: No LA class on Thursday.  



Spelling/Vocab (updated 5/21)

Monday: No LA/Lit on Mondays.

Tuesday: Spelling Ch 15 PT



Friday: Spelling Test CH 15


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