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Paula Van Hollebeke

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Current Classroom Newsletter

December 11, 2018 

Thank YOU’s!

Thank you, to Liza Peato and Amy Robles for heading up our Auction Project! Thank you to those of you who came to St. Pius this past Saturday and helped to beautify our grounds and parish building!  Also, thank you to those of you who helped with the Santa Breakfast on Sunday!


ASB Hot Cocoa Sale is Friday, 12/14 during lunch.

Auction Items:  Are due no later than December 19th, 2018


Auction Project News:

Remember to get your child’s pictures to Amy Robles, Liza Peato, or Mrs. Van no later than Thursday, December 20th. If you are sending in electronic copies of pictures, be sure to have them in the (.jpeg) format.  You can send them on a flash drive, or by email.  If you do not have a scanner, please send the pictures in a Ziploc bag labelled with your name. Pictures will be returned to you after being scanned. Please email Mrs. Robles if you have questions.


Advent Glove Drive

We are collecting gloves for Mercy Watch to give to the homeless during Advent.  Gloves can be purchased at the Dollar Store and are much needed!  Collection for gloves will occur from 12/4 through 12/19.  Thank you for thinking of those unfortunate brothers and sisters of ours who are outside in this cold weather.


Christmas Nativity Play

Our play rehearsals are going well.  We will continue practicing 3-4 days per week. Students have been told what to wear under their costumes.  Please make sure your child has what they need for their costume.  All students will wear socks during the play. 

Dress Rehearsals:  Please have your child’s costume pieces available for dress rehearsals.

  • Wednesday, 12/12 (Tomorrow!):  1:45pm-3:15pm
  • Thursday, 12/19 (Next Week): 9:00am-noon
  • Friday, 12/20 (Next Week): 9:00am-noon

12/20 – 6:30pm - Please have your child meet in the Cry Room to dress in costumes.


Help Needed after 12/20 Performances

Following our Nativity Play in the church, there will be a Band concert in the gym.  I am asking any and all of the 8th Grade parents and students to help me to clean up the church following the Band concert.  Costumes, props, etc. will need to be brought back to the 8th Grade classroom and put away.  Remember, that I will be having surgery the next morning and will be unable to clean up and put these things away during the break.  I would appreciate any and all help!  Thank you, in advance!


Christmas Party – 8th Grade

We will be having a Christmas Party on the morning after our Christmas Program.  The party will be 12/21 from 8:45-10:15.   I am having a Rotator Cuff Repair (shoulder) surgery that morning and apologize that I will not be there.  I will make sure that the substitute teacher has all of the details for this party to be fun for your children.

  1. Food/Drink:  Students may bring in something to share with the class (no nuts, please).  Cookies, brownies, chips, etc.  Also, we will need cups, napkins, plates.  Please check with your child to see what they signed up for.
  2. White Elephant: We will play the White Elephant game at the party.  Students are asked to bring a $10-$15 gift, wrapped up and NOT labelled.  Students will draw numbers and open gifts in order from the pile in the middle or, from their classmate.  It’s a super fun game!
  3. Secret Santa (Optional):  Students have received their Secret Santa recipient!  They are allowed to purchase 3 total gifts for their recipient.  Two of these gifts may be given any time during these last 2 weeks before the break.  The third gift will be given at the Christmas party.  Gifts should not exceed $15.


Classroom Needs:

We are completely out of graph paper.  If your child needs graph paper, please purchase some for the New Year.  I try to make sure that you are not supplying paper for other students.  Many students are asking others for graph paper and I think that they should bring in their own.  Please check with your child to find out about their current supply.

Also, we are almost out of Kleenex.  Students go through a large amount of tissue during the winter months.  If you could please send 2 boxes of tissue in with your child before the New Year, that would be much appreciated!


Private High School Applications

  1. Financial Aid - It is time for your family to apply for financial assistance for high school. The deadline for financial aid applications is 12/31/2018.  Go to the Admissions page of the school to which you are applying.  There will be a “Tuition & Financial Aid” section.  You can begin an application, save and exit to return later to work on it.  If you are applying to different high schools that use the same company to process their financial aid applications, you need only complete the one application.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Or, you can call the financial aid office at the high schools with questions.
  2. Application – Students can begin their applications to the schools to which they wish to apply.  Application fees range from $25-$35.  Applications are due 1/9/19.  On the school’s website, go to Admissions, and then Application Information.  Applications can be done online, although some schools have a paper application that can be printed out and mailed.  Students will be required to complete an essay.  Please have your child begin working on this now.  Students can bring their essays to Mrs. Poteet for editing.


Dates to Remember:      

  • 12/13/18 - 3rd thru 8th Advent Confessions
  • 12/14/18 - ASB Hot Cocoa Sale during lunch
  • 12/15/18 - HSPT (Blanchet)
  • 12/16/18 - HSPT (Blanchet)
  • 12/19/18 - Auction items are due
  • 12/19/18 - Advent Glove Drive ends
  • 12/20/18 - Student's Childhood Pictures due for Auction Project
  • 12/20/18- Christmas Program, 6:30p Call, 7pm performance
  • 12/21/18 - Noon Dismiss
  • 12/22/18 through 1/4/19 - Christmas Break
  • 1/07/10 - School Resumes


Paula Van Hollebeke

School: (425) 778-9861



8th Grade


Monday (12/10/18):  Fr. Christiansen in class.  Advent.

Tuesday (12/11/18):  Play Practice.

Wednesday (12/12/18):  Mass, 9am. Rosary.

Thursday (12/13/18):  Play Practice.  Confessions.

Friday (12/14/18):  Play Practice.  SHR Due.

Math - All assignments are due the following day.

Monday (12/10/18)

Pre-Algebra:  Chapter 3 Test Corrections. IXL Sections (X.6, X.7, X.8, X.9, W.2, W.7, W.9, W.10, V.1, V.3). 

Algebra 1:  Chapter 4 Test Practice. Pg 291 (#1-18).

Tuesday (12/11/18)

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 3 Extra Practice. Pg 781 (#1-59 Odd).

Algebra 1:  Chapter 4 Review Worksheet.

Wednesday (12/12/18) 

Pre-Algebra:  No Math. Play Dress Rehearsal.

Algebra 1:  No Math.  Play Dress Rehearsal.

Thursday (12/13/18)

Pre-Algebra:  Chapter 3 Extra Practice. Pg 781 (#2-60 Even).

Algebra 1:  Chapter 4 Test.

Friday (12/14/18)

Pre-Algebra:  Chapter 3 Test Retake.

Algebra 1:  Solve Inequalities (+/-). Pg 301-302 (#2-34 Even).


Social Studies

All work is due the following day unless otherwise noted. An asterisk indicates a change in homework. 








All assignments due the following day unless otherwise noted.

An astrisk indicates an assignment has changed.

Monday: Average speed problems


Wednesday: Record 5 examples of acceleration around your home.

Thursday: Record 2 examples of each type of friction around your home





Reading is Sweet Middle School Reading Challenge - Deadline 12/14. 

        Monday: (12/3/18) Theme RD.  In Class - Comma Jigsaw

Tuesday: (12/4/18) Theme RD Due (written).  Present  Commas.  In class work on Intro and Conclusion.

Wednesday:(12/5/18) No English on Wednesday 

Thursday: (12/6/18) 26.3 Semi-Colons Ex 25 and Ex 27

Friday (12/7/18) Rough Draft - TYPED due. Please have printed. In Class Edits.  




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