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October 31, 2017



ASB is in the planning stages of their two booths that will be displayed at the Halloween Carnival on 10/31/17 from 10:30-noon (PK-4th) and 1:00-2:30 (5th-8th).  They will be responsible for the donut booth and the face painting booth.  They will be purchasing donuts, cutting string, setting up the booth and manning it.  They will also be painting faces of the younger ones 

ASB has been asked by Mr. Parker to manage, "The Tree of Good Deeds".  The tree will be displayed in the gym on the north wall.  When a student has done a good deed for another, they will be asked by thier teacher to trace their hand onto colored construction paper, cut it out.  Teachers will give the cut out hands to the ASB students. The ASB students will tape the hands up on the tree.  We are hoping that this tree will encourage all of the St. Pius student body to do kind things for one another, and grow throughout the year!  Please check it out when you are in the gym! 

ASB will also have the task of coming up with some fundraising ideas that will help us to support the people of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.  I have been in conversation with Mrs. Sepulveda about this since her family lives there. We will give you updates as to how you can help! 

NEXT ASB MEETING:  Monday, 12/4/17. 12:20-12:40pm. Bring red folder.

Seeking Volunteers!

The auction committee is in full swing gearing up for our Auction Gala Event on March 3, 2018!  Each classroom is required to create an auction project that will be bid upon.  Parents may volunteer to plan and execute an auction project that will bring in money that will support school programs.  In the past, the 8th grade auction project has been a cumulative collection of photos and memories from Kindergarten through the 8th Grade that are put together into a scrapbook.  Last year, two families wanted the scrapbook so badly that a second one was created!  Please consider using your artistic, creative, and organizational skills to put together this beautiful keepsake for the lucky winner(s).  Maybe you would consider working on this project as a team?  Please email Mrs. Van Hollebeke if you are interested in heading up this valuable project!  pvanhollebeke@stpx.org.

Museum of Flight:

Thank you to Garth O., Michael M., and Glory S. for driving us on our field trip!  It was so much fun!  Pictures of our trip will be posted soon onto our website under "Gallery" in the 8th Grade section. During the week before our trip, we learned about Mars, its two moons, facts about its climate, etc.  We discussed the possibility of life on Mars, what life forms need to survive. We learned about organisms on earth called extremophiles that live in extreme conditions.  Students looked for different climates on Mars that could possibly sustain extremophiles from earth based on their matching conditions.  Students also learned about taking off and landing a rover, calculated velocity of each stage (aerobraking, parachute, rocket thrusters) in trying to safely land it on Mars. They took this information to the Museum of Flight and got to participate in a simulation. Their first mission was to fly from Phobos (Mars' moon), to Mars. Once they landed, the weather team noted that an asteroid was going to hit in the area where they landed. They were instructed by the home base team to leave immediately! Thankfully, they got back to Phobos safely.  The teams debriefed and then switched roles. The second mission was to check for the damage of the base on Mars. While in route, the home base team noted that there was a Nitrogen leak, and later a dangerous bacterium had contaminated their spaceshipThey solved their issues and landed safely on Mars, had a successful mission and headed back to Phobos.  SO MUCH FUN! 

Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

At the end of each month, I would like to have each student bring the money in that they have collected so far, and write down how many tickets they have sold.  Each student was given 35 tickets.  Please keep track of these tickets, as they are worth money.  If tickets are lost, students will be asked to reimburse the school for the cost of those tickets.  Last year, some of the students didn't know where their tickets were and parents found them at the bottom of their backpack.  Hopefully, the selling is going well.  These make great stocking stuffers for drivers!  If you are struggling with selling them, please let me know. I can arrange a table after Masses on the weekends and we can sell them to parishioners. 

Private High School Applications

Now is the time to complete the financial aid applications for high school.  If the school uses FACTS for their applications, the Fulcrum Foundation application is already embedded into their application. One stop shopping!  Note the documents that need to be scanned and uploaded for the financial aid application.  Let me know if you have any questions. Financial Aid applications are due 12/31/17.  Financial aid information will be found on the high school's website under "Admissions", and/or "Tuition/Financial Aid". 

During Curriculum Night, a packet was handed out that contained forms that your child needs to complete and submit to me by 12/1/17. These forms include Confidential School Report/Transcript Request, and Confidential Teacher Evaluation Form.  The first form is a summary page where they indicate where they intend to apply.  Only one form will need to be completed for all the private high school applications. I will be completing these forms over the Christmas break and submitting them before the 1/8/18 application deadline.  

Applications for private high school are due 1/8/17.  Your child will need to complete the online, or paper application and submit the application fee.  Mrs. Poteet has been offering help on the essays.  Please encourage your child to get these done as soon as possible and not to wait until the last minute! 

November is the time to register for the HSPT (High School Placement Test), or ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).  The deadline to register is mid-November.  These tests occur early in December at various locations.  Please register before their deadline in November!  Check the schools admission website to which your child is applying for more information on how to register and where to take the test.

Christmas Nativity Play:

This week, students will be given a chance to make their first 3 choices in parts for the Nativity Play, and the Passion Play.  We are hoping that if students do not get their first choice in a part in one play, the will get their first choice in the other play.  Mid-November, Religion classes will be suspended so that play rehearsals can happen during the school day.  Mrs. Kindell has kindly offered her support in managing the plays this year and I am so grateful!

Christmas Gifts For Parents:

I am asking all students in the 8th grade to provide me with 4 pictures of themselves - where the student is by him/herself in the picture. These will be keepsakes. The pictures will be destroyed. I would prefer it if the pictures were scanned and emailed to me. I will print them on photo paper, and then use them for our project. The pictures can be during any age, but one of the pictures needs to be fairly current. 

We will begin working on this project November 1st, so will need the pictures by October 27th so that I can print them out and have them ready. If you do not have a scanner, please let me borrow the pictures. I will scan them and return them unharmed!  

Dates to Remember:

  • 12/1/17 - Camp Lunch
  • 12/4/17 - ASB Meeting. 12:20-12:40pm
  • 12/7/17 - Christmas Program
  • 12/15/17 - Noon Dismiss
  • 12/18 - 1/1 - No School. Christmas break
  • 1/2/18 - School Resumes

Paula Van Hollebeke


School: (425) 778-9861




Monday (11/20/17): Quiz Chapter 7; Choose Psalm to memorize for Prayer Test on Dec. 14.

Tuesday (11/21/17):  Feast with Pre-School. No homework.

Wednesday (11/22/17): Mass, 9am.  

Thursday (11/23/17):  No School. Thanksgiving.

Friday (11/24/17):  No School. Thanksgiving.



(Homework is due the day following assignment unless otherwise noted.) 

Monday (11/20/17):

  • Pre-Algebra: No Math. Play practice.
  • Algebra 1:  No Math. Play practice.

Tuesday (11/21/17):

  • Pre-Algebra:  No Math. Play practice.
  • Algebra 1:  No Math. Play practice.

Wednesday (11/22/17):

  • Pre-Algebra: No Math.
  • Algebra 1: No Math.

Thursday (11/23/17):

  • Pre-Algebra: No School. Thanksgiving.
  • Algebra 1:  No School. Thanksgiving.

Friday (11/24/17):

  • Pre-Algebra: No School.
  • Algebra 1: No School.



Monday (11/6/17):

Tuesday (11/7/17): 

Wednesday (11/8/17): Computer lab: Finish emergency brochures.

Thursday (11/9/17): 

Friday (11/10/17): No School.


Social Studies -Week of 11/13


Tuesday:1 WS handed out - due Friday


Thursday: 5 research Questions answered due - from project

Friday:1 ws due



Monday: No Literature Class on Mondays. 

Tuesday: CH 10 Questions Due.  Class discussion.  Ch 11-12 Questions given.  Due Thursday.  


Thursday: Ch 13 questions given.  Due Tuesday.  



Language Arts

Monday: No LA Class on Mondays

Tuesday: Work on Conclusion.  Begin to type up essay.  Final due on Thursday.  


Thursday: Essay final draft.  




Monday: No LA/Lit on Mondays.

Tuesday: Ch 3 Spelling - Pg 23 1-20, 25 1-10



Friday: Spelling Test.  Ch 3 Vocab Assigned.  


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