My name is Lisa Fox and I am the technology teacher at St. Pius X.

I started teaching at St. Pius in 2010.  I taught 4th Grade for 5 years, then moved to Middle School History and now I am teaching technology.  It is a fun time to be learning about technology and I am so happy to be part of this journey for my students.

I moved to Washington after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder - GO BUFFS!  I love living in Washington and feel so blessed to be in such a beautiful state.

After moving to Washington I met my husband Mike. He grew up here. We have two children - Ruby and Zane, they both have enjoyed their time at St. Pius X.  Our family is completed with our border collie Pandora.  As a family we enjoy sports, camping, movies, reading and kayaking.  

It is a blessing to be at St. Pius X, as a teacher, a parent and a parishioner.



Lisa Fox

News Items

Acceptable Use Policy

Each year students and their guardians/parents are asked to read and sign a form titled "Acceptable Use Policy".  In it are guidelines to help us in regards to computer use at St. Pius X.


The students must have this form filled out in order to use the computers.


Please review and sign it as soon as possible.


Thank you!


Lisa Fox


Currently Working on in Technology

Tuesday November 13th, 2018

 7th & 8th Grade families - New Project:   In technology class this year we are working on a Personal Timeline. Your student is going to pick 5 worldwide events that have happened in their lifetime and 5 personal events that are important to them.

What  parents/guardians need to do: Please help them find pictures associated with these personal events.   The pictures need to be in digital format.  You can put them on a flash drive or email them to me.  The 5 personal events they have picked are on the other side of this paper. 

When is it due: The project is a long term project that will be completed in January.  The final date for work will be January 17th. The sooner they get the pictures the easier it will be for them to complete this work.

For the World Events they pick we will find pictures in class.

This is a fun project that helps them reflect on what is important to them, the people that have helped them have these important moments and also the amazing things that have happened in our world.

Pre-K through 8th Grades - Other news in technology class: Their other time in technology class is being used for practice in Khan Academy and learning more about coding.  The Khan Academy work they are doing is practice directly tied to their MAP scores.  It is individualized for each student and allows them to work at the level they are at and move on.  Each 4th through 8th grade student has a goal to work 20 minutes a week on MAP practices in Khan Academy.


Grades 2-8 are coding!

Grades Pre-K -1 are all becoming stronger in typing skills, working on signing in and out of the computer and opening and closing programs.

Thank you for your support.

Please email me with any questions.




Lisa Fox


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