1st grade

1st grade

Welcome to 1st Grade!

 Hello! I am Miss Bucy, the first grade teacher at St. Pius X. This is my fourth year of teaching, but my second year at St. Pius X. I attended St. Monica Catholic School on Mercer Island from kindergarten through eighth grade. I had such a wonderful experience there and the teachers were so inspiring, I decided to become a teacher so I can help children the same way my teachers helped me. I earned my Bachelor's of Arts in Education at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. When I am not teaching, I love to travel, read, go hiking, go camping, and spend time with my family.

My goal as a teacher is to help my students learn about the world around them and to help them see how they can change the world. I strive to help my students be the best students, people, and Christians that they can be. I look forward to working with them this year and I cannot wait to see how much they grow!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can email me at sbucy@stpx.org!

Susan Bucy

News Items

Week of November 26th

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving break with your students and families!

Today I handed out field trip forms for the students to bring home for you to sign. We are going on a field trip on Thursday, December 13th to the Everett PUD Auditorium to watch a children's ballet called "A Storybook Nutcracker". There is more information on the form and on the letter attached to it. If you would like to drive, please indicate so and how many students you can take on the form. I need the forms signed and money to be returned to school no later than Monday, December 3rd!!

Math: We are finishing up talking about more strategies to use in subtraction

Reading: We are learning about words with long i

Social Studies: We will start talking about how to be good citizens

Science: We will continue to talk about trees and plants

Week of the December 3rd

Hello all,

I can't believe its already December! This year feels like it's flying by. The students are all working very hard and I am very proud of all their hard work.

We are doing a few Advent things in the classroom, like making paper Advent wreaths and doing a count down to Christmas.

Math: We are finishing up our chapter on subtraction and starting our new chapter about shapes.

Reading: We are talking about words that have long o

Social Studies: We are continuing to talk about the qualities of being a good citizen and rights and responibilities

Science: We are finishing up our chapter on trees and plants

Religion: We are talking about Advent and the journey of Mary and Joseph


Homework for the week of November 26th

Daily math worksheet: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Spelling Packet (due Friday)

Read for 15 minutes and fill out reading log

Practice sight word cards

Study spelling words for spelling test on Friday


Spelling words for the week of November 26th:














Spelling packet tasks:

1) Write each word 3 times using a different color each time

2) Write the words in ABC order

3) Write the words in a sentence; draw a picture for 3 of the sentences

4) Write each word and a rhyming word next to them

Week of December 3rd

Daily Math worksheet (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Read 15 minutes for reading log

Study spelling words

Study sight word cards

Spelling packet (due Friday)


Spelling Words:














1)Write each 3 times, using a different color each time

2) Write the words in ABC order

3) Write each word in a sentence; draw a picture for three of the sentences

4) Write each word with a rhyming word next to it

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