4th Grade

4th Grade

February 20-23




Tomorrow,        borrow       different     supper      matter      written      bottle

ridden              odd            bubble       offer         suffer        slippers      worry

grasshopper     current       lettuce      paddle       shudder     hobby

Challenge Words: Mississippi     recess      impossible      antennas     allowance


Tuesday: Washington State Geography rough draft due on Tuesday; final copy of geography and good copy of economy due on WENESDAY.

       Math WS

      Reading Log-30-40 Minutes

Wednesday: Anology WS

       Math WS

       Reading Log  30-40 Min

       Work on Recreation Attractions Paragraph Due Friday, I will check any rough drafts you bring in on Thursday if you want.

Thursday:  Washington State Report page on attractions and recreation due Friday







News Items

Thanks to those parents who signed up to volunteer Tuesday, Halloween, to help out with the Halloween caroling!!  Get your walking shoes on!  We will leave the classroom at about 11 a.m.  If you can't make it, no problem.  We have plenty of helpers.  Have a great week, Miss Cooney


Homework for January 16-19

Spelling words for the week:  return, courage, surface, purpose, first, turkey, heard, early, turtle, bityhday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey;                              Challenge Words: turquoise, absurd, furthermore, flourish, nourishment

Monday: Math p. 188-189;                                                                      

               Handwriting WS

               Read 30-40 Min

Tuesday: Science Review: Test Thursday on Part 1 Zoology: collect WSs

              Math WS

Wednesday Spelling WS

               Math p. 195

               Science Review WS

               Read for 30-40 minutes in a quiet place.


              Math WS

              Spelling: study for test

             Read 30-40 mins.




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