4th Grade

4th Grade

Welcome to the 2017/18 school year in fourth grade!!  My name is Miss Cooney and I am thrilled to be your youngster's teacher this year.  We are off to a great start!!  These kids are fun, creative and amazing people.  They offer many talents to our everyday school life.  I am so proud of them so far for getting to know the routines, classroom expectations, etc.  What a great group of children...I am having fun with them (and there have been some years that I haven't been able to say that!).

I am excited to present the fourth grade curriculum, schedule, etc. on Wednesday, 9/20, night.  It begins in our classroom at 6:30pm.  I'll start on time, so hopefully everyone can get here by then.  It is NOT an evening to chat with me about how your child is doing...conferences are in October.  But please let me know if you have concerns or questions before then.  You could email, write me a note, or call and leave a message in the school office.  I will be talking quickly, so you may want to take notes.  Depending on how fast I talk, we may or may not have time for questions after each 20 minute session (there are two sessions).  Then, we'll all go into the gym for an all school meeting led by our awesome principal, Mr. Parker!

If you have questions during the Curriculum Night meeting, please write them down with your email/phone number, and I will get back to you ASAP.  As partners in your child's education, I am available for you when you have questions, etc.  I am usually here at 7:30 a.m. and leave at 4pm to go home and let my dog, Buddy, out to pee.  He bit the dog sitter I had hired last fall, so I am the one letting him out now! I will see everyone on Wed. evening...remember, we begin at 6:30pm in the gym.  Thank you for your support, Miss Joanne Cooney

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The homework for this week will be reading each night for 30-40 minutes, or longer.  There are no homework papers/assignments since we are busy with MAP tests this week.  Please see that your fourth grader gets into bed at an earlier time this week.  I want them to do well on their MAP tests.

Remember, 9 and 10 year olds need ten hours of sleep each night during the school year.  It does help the brain rejuvenate and be ready for listening, participation, etc. during the school day.  Thanks so much with your help in this matter, Miss C.

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