4th Grade

4th Grade

May 14-18

Be sure to continue working on your State Report Project--Due May 22

Science: Please return your Science Fair Project Board if you took it home.  I have not had the chance to finish grading them and want to give credit for all the hard work. I had asked the students to keep them here but some were told by someone else to take them home.  Sorry for any cofusion.  All students presented in class already.


Spelling List: Words with Latin Roots

dictionary       abrupt       predict       import       locally       verdict       locate       

locate       portable       transport       bankrupt       dictate       location       erupt

passport     export     contradict      rupture      interrupt      disrupt     dislocate

Challenge Words:      vindicctive       portfolio       urisdiction

                         corruption         interruption


All of these assignments have been started in class and may have been even complleted.  They are, however, listed so parents as well as students have the opportunity to look over them and make any necessary changes.  So, though it may look like a lot, it is rather a reflection of the day's work and not expected to all be done as homework.


           Reading WB 234-235

           Math p. 572  #1-34

          Reading Log


          Spelling p. 93-96,  due Thursday

         Science WS

         Reading  WB 233, 236-7  (209-210 EC)

         Social Studies ws

         Grammar 93-96


        Reading WB 238-240

        Math 576

         Religion WS

        Social Studies WS


           Scienc WS

           Reading wb 244-5

           Math 580

          Religion 168-9

          Social Studies 402 WS











News Items

Thanks to those parents who signed up to volunteer Tuesday, Halloween, to help out with the Halloween caroling!!  Get your walking shoes on!  We will leave the classroom at about 11 a.m.  If you can't make it, no problem.  We have plenty of helpers.  Have a great week, Miss Cooney


Homework for January 16-19

Spelling words for the week:  return, courage, surface, purpose, first, turkey, heard, early, turtle, bityhday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey;                              Challenge Words: turquoise, absurd, furthermore, flourish, nourishment

Monday: Math p. 188-189;                                                                      

               Handwriting WS

               Read 30-40 Min

Tuesday: Science Review: Test Thursday on Part 1 Zoology: collect WSs

              Math WS

Wednesday Spelling WS

               Math p. 195

               Science Review WS

               Read for 30-40 minutes in a quiet place.


              Math WS

              Spelling: study for test

             Read 30-40 mins.




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