7th Grade

7th Grade


Reminder:  Wednesday 11/22 is a half day.  We will be having a small class party after Mass.  Our party will be a small class breakfast after lunch - cereal, fruit, pastries, etc.    I typically provide the food, but some students have expressed interest in bringing something for the class. If your student does want to bring something, please make sure that it is nut-free and not overly sugary.  Thanks!



The 7th Grade is gathering cocoa mix and cereal for the St. Vincent de Paul food drive this year.  Thank you for your donations.



We had Father come and teach our Religion class last Thursday.  In Religion, our current Chapter is about the Holy Land in the time of Jesus so Father showed us some slides about his trip to the Holy Land.  They saw pictures of the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and the Church of the Annunciation.



It has been a joy meeting every student and their family for conferences.  I feel blessed to teach your children.  This will be a very successful year for them going forward.  If there is anything you would like to discuss more in depth, feel free to contact me at cpoteet@stpx.org to schedule another, longer conference.  I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your child's progress at any point in the year.   


Our field trip last week went wonderfully.  Pictures will be uploaded to this site soon.  The students learned some real-world skills about map-reading and they have a much better understanding of Washington state geography.



Literature:  Students will create a concrete poem this week during mentor period for the Annual Fund Dinner.  They will have mentor period to work on this but if they don't use their time wisely they may need to work on this in class.  

Language Arts: 







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Mrs. Christene Poteet

7th Grade Religion/ Middle School Literature, Language Arts & Spelling/Vocabulary


Parent Letter 9/11/17

We will be having our first Religion quiz on Ch 1 this Friday.  Make sure that your student studies Ch 1. There is also an online study game for the students available at:


I hope to see you all at Curriculum Night on Wednesday 9/20.  I will be going over the curriculum focus for each class, the novels that we will be reading, field trips, and other important information.



It is a joy to teach your Seventh Grade student this year.  We are off to a great start.    Please make sure your child has a nourishing breakfast and lunch and gets lots of sleep.  There will be no homework this week due to MAP testing, but we will be working on projects in class, including a collage for religion and a short writing assignment.

This year there will be 4 MAP tests: Literature, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. They will be given in that order.

Today, I will be sending home a permission slip for a field trip.  The 7th Grade will be visiting Swan Farm's Washington State Corn Maze on Wednesday, Oct. 18.  Please let me know if you can drive since we are using parent drivers.  Attached to the field trip form is another form for interested drivers regarding information and insurance for drivers.  Please fill out and return with your student's permission slip if you can drive.  We will leave after Mass on Wednesday Oct. 18 and return by 2:00.  Permission slips are due on 10/6.


Religion (Updated 11/21)


Tuesday: turned in baptism article.  

Wednesday: None - Enjoy your break. 




Math (Homework is due the day following assignment, unless otherwise noted.)

Monday (11/20/17):

  • 7th Grade:  Multiply Decimals. Pg 106-107 (#2-48 Even).
  • Pre-Algebra: Multi-Step Inequalities. Pg 153-155 (#1-49 Odd).

Tuesday (11/21/17):  

  • 7th Grade: Divide Decimals. Pg 110-111 (#2-40 Even).
  • Pre-Algebra:  Skills Practice Worksheet Pgs 48, 49.

Wednesday (11/22/17):

  • 7th Grade:  Solve Equations w/Decimals. Pg 114 (#1-21).
  • Pre-Algebra: Chapter Review. Pg 156-159 (#1-34).

Thursday (11/23/17):  

  • 7th Grade:  No School.  Thanksgiving.
  • Pre-Algebra: No School.  Thanksgiving.

Friday (11/24/17):  

  • 7th Grade:  No School.
  • Pre-Algebra: No School.



Monday (11/6/17:

Tuesday (11/7/17): 

Thursday (11/9/17): 

Friday (11/10/17): 


Social Studies - Week of 11136


Tuesday: Homework will be collected Tuesday - 2 WS and Crossword Puzzle, 2 ws due Friday



Friday:2 ws due


Literature (Updated 11/21)

Monday: Outline 2 body paragraphs (beginning and middle)

Tuesday:  Finish outline

Wednesday:  Outline due




Language Arts (Updated 11/21)


Tuesday:  Thanksgiving Article





Spelling/Vocab (Updated 11/21)

Monday: No Spelling this week 






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