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8th Grade Current Classroom Newsletter

January 2, 2018


NEXT ASB MEETING:  Monday, 1/29/18. 12:20-12:40pm. Bring red folder.

Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets

Forms for collecting money for December ticket sales are inside of the 1/2/18 Tuesday folder.  Please return the money and completed form in an envelope so that we can tally up the sales.  An update will be included on this website. If you are struggling selling the tickets, perhaps some parents can coordinate to set up a table after Masses to sell them during our last month.  All remaining unsold tickets will be collected on Friday, February 2nd.  At that time, a determination will be made regarding the Warm Beach retreat in late May.  

Ticket Sales Update 1/7/18:

December sales totaled $308.  We still have 388 out of 620 tickets to sell.  We have the rest of this month to sell them. Each student has been given 35 tickets. Here is the status of what our class has sold thus far:

EA: 14                      NC: 0                   DM: 0 

AA:  0                       RF: 15                  JO: 3

FB:  5                       SG: 0                   KO: 31

JCR: 8                      EJ: 18                  JO: 35

TC: 19                      CK: 14                 JS: 0

This trend does not look good and I am not hopeful that we will be able to go to Warm Beach in May.  The money that we have raised thus far is enough for us to pay Brown Bear for the tickets that we purchased, and to pay for our field trip to Museum of Flight.  I encourage you to make an extra effort to sell these tickets this month!   

**URGENT**   Volunteer(s) Needed!

If you would like to get some volunteer hours and would like to help get the graduation gowns ready for graduation, please let me know!  They need to be washed, dried and ironed sometime during this month. They are located in the school office.  We will be taking our group graduation picture between February 5th and 8th. Thank you! 

Middle School Dance **NEW UPDATE**

A middle school dance was being planned for Friday, February 9th from 7-9:30pm.  We discovered that there is a parish event conflict at the same time as the dance that we planned.  Because of parking issues, we have decided to change the date of the dance.  This webpage will be updated with new information, so please check back frequently.  We have rescheduled the dance to Friday, April 13th.  

We will need volunteers to help make this happen.  Volunteers are needed to chaperone, purchase snacks and drinks (to be reimbursed), help with directing traffic, drop-off and parking.  If you know of any St. Pius X alumni who would like to help work in the coat check (ESS) room, or help to sell snacks and drinks, please have them contact Mrs. Van Hollebeke at  The ASB requested this dance as a fundraiser to support the victims of the Puerto Rican hurricane.  More information to follow.

Save the Date!

  • Field trip to Sacred Heart Radio on Tuesday, February 27th, 9:15 - noon!  Our students have been listening to Catholic radio since the beginning of this year!  We will be going to that very station in Kirkland to meet some of the voices that we have heard on air.  Students will be recording either a song or prayer during our visit that they will play for their listeners during future broadcasts! We will need volunteer drivers to get us there and back.  We will plan to leave the school around 9:15am and return around noon.  If weather permits, we will eat lunch in a park nearby. 
  • Save the date for our overnight retreat to Warm Beach that may be happening May 31 to June 1st.  If we go, we will need 2 female chaperones and 1 more male chaperones.  Don’t worry, the accommodations are new!  There is a queen size bed for each chaperone and all cabins have 3 bathrooms and 3 showers!  Please let me know if you are interested in being a chaperone.  We will need to make sure that your Safety Environment/Virtus paperwork is up to date and you can let your employer know that you need those two days off. 

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/15/18 - No School. MLK Day
  • 1/16/18 - Progress Reports
  • 1/22/18 - FIELD TRIP.  March for Life. Olympia, WA
  • 1/24/18 - 8th Grade Sings at Mass, 9AM
  • 1/28/18 - St. Pius X Open House
  • 1/29/18 - ASB Meeting. 12:20-12:40pm
  • 1/28 to 2/2 - Catholic School's Week 
  • 2/01/18 - Math Night, 6-7:30pm 
  • 2/02/18 - Talent Show, 1pm in gym
  • 2/09/18 - Camp Lunch 
  • 2/12/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 – 12:40pm 
  • 2/13/18 - Valentine Party, 9am-10:15 
  • 2/14/18 - Ash Wednesday, 8th Grade Reads at Mass, 9am 
  • 2/15/18 - Community Service due: 7 hours and essay 
  • 2/16/18 - No School 
  • 2/19/18 - No School 
  • 2/23/18 - Stations of the Cross, 1pm – Lead by 8th Grade 
  • 2/26/18 - ASB Meeting, 12:20 – 12:40pm
  • 2/27/18 - FIELD TRIP to Sacred Heart Radio, Kirkland. 9:15am-noon 
  • 2/27/18 - Report Cards

Paula Van Hollebeke

School: (425) 778-9861

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