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Mrs. Weatherbie’s Kindergarten Newsletter
Week of: October 2nd-6th

**Looking ahead:**

*Upcoming literacy concepts: beginning sounds; syllables.
*Upcoming Math concepts: continuing solid figures; shapes; counting & cardinality.

Wednesday, October 11th-Friday, October 13th: Parent Teacher Conferences **(12:00 Early Release Wednesday; No School for students on Thursday and Friday)**

Here are some of the things we worked on the past week in Kindergarten:

The school-wide learning expectation (SLE) that we focused on was: 1A. Being faithful Roman Catholics who know traditional Catholic teachings and practices.

Literacy: listening to/interacting with various read-alouds; practicing writing the letter Aa & identifying words that begin with that letter; identifying & writing beginning sounds; reading through the Scholastic Let’s Find Out magazines about autumn leaves.

Math: continuing our chapter on solid figures; identifying what solid figures can roll, stack, or slide; taking our test on Chapter 1; working on our calendar skills & place value during our daily calendar time.

Religion: participating in the all-school Mass; discussing St. Therese, Guardian Angels, and St. Francis; learning the Sign of the Cross, Guardian Angel Prayer, and Grace Before Meals; singing songs about Jesus!

Social Studies: writing and illustrating what we want to be when we grow up.

Science: continuing to identify parts of the human body.

P.E. (with Mr. Feeney): playing various games to practice team work and physical fitness.

Music (with Mrs. Dwyer): singing nursery rhymes; practicing songs and Mass parts for church.

Computer (with Mrs. Johnson): practicing logging in and out of the computer.

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