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Week of: October 15th-17th

**Looking ahead:**

*Upcoming literacy concepts: CVC words; sight words; writing.

*Upcoming Math concepts: continuing symmetry & equal parts; counting and graphing. 

Here are some of the things we worked on the past week in Kindergarten:

The school-wide learning expectation (SLE)that we focused on was: 2A – Being responsible, life-long learners who continually strive for self-improvement and academic excellence.   

Literacy:listening to/interacting with various read-alouds; writing and illustrating what we did over the weekend; identifying CVC words, stretching them out to bubble in the letters and write the word; identifying beginning sounds of Halloween words; reading through the Scholastic Let’s Find Outmagazines about fire safety.

Math:discussing and identifying symmetry and uqual parts (halves and fourths).

Religion:participating and singing in the all-school Mass; writing in and reading mini books about Creation; praying the Sign of the Cross, Grace Before Meals, and Guardian Angel prayer; singing songs about Jesus!

Social Studies:discussing fire safety.

Science:we did not cover a science concept this week.

Spanish (with Mrs. Keenan): we did not have Spanish this week.

P.E. (with Mr. Feeney): playing various games to practice team work, physical fitness, and following directions.

Music (with Mrs. Dwyer):practicing songs for the Mass at which we sang on 10/17.

Computer (with Mrs. Fox):practicing logging in to the computer; playing learning games to strengthen our computer skills.

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