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2nd Grade

February 6, 2018

Dear families,

We had an enjoyable Catholic Schools Week. In addition to the free dress days we had a day with our mixed grade communities playing PE games, watched a schoolwide spelling bee, the talent show, and played board games in the gym. We also partnered with our 5th grade buddies to take part in a STEM activity on Tuesday and Thursday. The students built skyscrapers using index cards and scotch tape. The goal was to build the tallest structure that would withstand an earthquake. The shaking of their buildings was provided by Mr. Parker, who even brought in sound effects. The students had a great time, learned how to cooperate with others, and worked on revising and improving their structures. I was very proud of all the 2nd and 5th graders.

In math the students have learned to add two double digit numbers with and without regrouping. Then we learned to subtract two double digit numbers with and without regrouping. We have begun to make subtraction flash cards so they can practice and improve their subtraction facts. Our Chapter 6 test will be on Thursday.

Our reading last week was a number of Cinderella stories. We have been comparing the characters and plots of the stories. In writing we have begun writing fables. These fables are being typed in the computer lab. The students will be presenting these during our classroom speech contest later this year.

Our current social studies unit is Our Nation’s Story. The study of our country’s past will help us to better understand our country today.

Last week in science we learned about the way that a wheel and axle can reduce friction and make objects move easier. The students made a car with straw axles, lifesaver wheels and an index card body. For the next lessons we will be using the toy cars they brought in to learn about movement on an inclined plane.

Religion lessons have been focused on learning about Jesus as the Bread of life. We will also study the parts of the Mass. We made paper doll apostles to place on our banner of the Last Supper.

Our Valentine’s Day party will take place on Tuesday Feb. 13th because Ash Wednesday is the 14th. If you would like to send in juice, cookies or another treat for the party please send me an email. I am listing the student names below for Valentines. Please send one for each child.













Thank you for all you do for your students.

Louise Moynihan

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