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3rd Grade


Mr. Nacanaynay





  • HAPPY MLK Jr. WEEKEND. The 3rd Graders have been back to school from Christmas for two weeks in good form.  Thank you for working with your student to be well prepared each day for school.

  • IN RELIGION we are moving into Unit 3,,“God’s Plan is a Plan of Love.”   We tested very well in the 10 Commandments last Friday.

  • THIRD GRADERS completed Ch.6 of our math text and are studying division facts.  With flash cards we hope to improve our fluency with addition/subtraction basic facts.

  • WE HAVE made book reports and hope to complete a third one by the end of the month. Still, creating an outline and note taking will be an emphasis this and next week to lead to making a biography report and presentation.

  • IN SCIENCE we made models of molecules with marshmallows. Our next booklet looks into observing physical changes.

  • IN SOCIAL STUDIES we are starting a new chapter, “A Growing America”: how our country grew in size and adapted to changes with the coming of other people from other parts of the world or immigration.

  • IN WRITING our focus is working on writing and rewriting drafts.

  • WITH THE COLD weather, there is the need to be extra cautious in walking on possibly icy paths. Dress warmly outdoors which may include wearing mittens, hats and shawls.

  • WE HOPE TO better record our success and progress with following class expectations and behavior.  A point system in place will allow 3rd graders to claim small prizes or tokens of hard work & achievement.

  • MAD MINUTE is a Math program to exercise fluency with basic math facts in addition, subtraction and multiplication used in our 3rd Grade class.  The aim in this 40-item quiz is to solve 30 of the problems in a minute. Thus, thank you, for continuing your work with memorizing these math family facts.



  • TO THE 3RD GRADERS for their continued care and attention with schoolwork.

  • FOR THEIR THOUGHTFULNESS and consideration of each other: Alice, Anabelle, Adeline, Carmen, MInh-Grace, Elenoa. 

  • PARENTS with their care and support in our class and learning.

  • TO ALL SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS in making school programs possible.


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