3rd Grade

3rd Grade News

3rd Grade News

Sept. 5-Sept. 9

Here you will find important information about what your child is learning and about upcoming events.

  • This is the first week with spelling words. Our test will be on Friday. Please make sure your child studies the words each night.
  • I am excited to meet with everyone on Sept. 21 for curriculum night.

3rd Grade Homework

3rd Grade Homework

Nov. 14- Nov. 18

Each student must read at least 20 minutes a night and have a parent sign the reading log. I check the reading logs each Monday.

Also, please be aware that your child must finish anything that was not completed in class as homework. These things should be written in his or her planner.



  • Book Report
  • Write your spelling words 3 times each.



  • Alphabetize your spelling words.
  • Field Trip Reflection
  • Book Report



  • Write 10 sentences using spelling words.
  • Book Report



  • Book Report
  • Math Worksheet


 Science Test, Book Report Due

  • Enjoy your weekend.

Spelling Words

  1. splash
  2. throw
  3. three
  4. square
  5. throat
  6. strike
  7. street
  8. split
  9. splurge
  10. thrill
  11. strength
  12. squeak
  13. throne
  14. strawberry
  15. squeeze

-Challenge Words

  1. squid
  2. squander
  3. arthritis
  4. instrument
  5. strategy