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4th Grade News

Religion Review Games:http://www.loyolapress.com/faith-formation/christ-our-life/christ-our-life-2016/parents-and-students/grades-1-8/grades/grade-4

State Report Resources: http://www.50states.com/


Hi Parents!

State Reports are coming to a close! I am so proud of all the work and effort this class has put into this project! The last step of our report is a Presentation (tri-fold) Board. I have attached a list of requirements for the presentation board, and just a reminder this will be due the TUESDAY we come back from break (April 25, 2017). In class presentations will start on that day, and continue on to the Wednesday.

The presentations should be no shorter than two minutes and no longer than five minutes. Additionally, students are encouraged to bring a (small) traditional dish from their state celebrating the history, just a reminder to make sure it is NUT FREE, and bite sized food or appetizers are appreciated!

Checklist of “Things to know and include in your state display and presentation”:

  • State’s name & nickname
  • State’s Capitol
  • What borders my state?
  • (3)Interesting Facts
  • (at least 1)Famous People from my state
  • (3)Main geographic points – rivers, lakes, mountains
  • What should people do or see if they visit my state
  • State Flag
  • (3)Economic Opportunities in state (industry, types of jobs)
  • Population
  • (3) State Symbols (flower, bird, motto)
  • Climate of State
  • Introduce yourself
  • Could you be heard?
  • Was eye contact made?



 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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4th Grade Homework


 Monday 4/3/17

  • Math: 7-15 Homework
  • Read 40 Min
  • Cursive p. 52-53 
  • Social Studies: State Report

Tuesday 4/4/17

  • Reading Comprehension Work Sheet "The Unicorn"
  • State Report
  • Read 40 Minutes

Wednesday 4/5/17

  • Math: p. 410 #10-17
  • Map Skills "Snatched Scientist"
  • Read 40 Minutes
  • State Report


Thursday 4/6/17

  • Read 40 Min
  • State Report

Friday 4/7/17

  • Read 40 min