Week Of:








March 27-31, 2016

 Assignments are subject to change due to schedule changes, class time, etc., always refer to your planner for that day's homework. Assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted. 

Monday: P117-118

Tuesday: p119-120 BLM 56 

Wednesday: Mass- Review on Chapter 18

Thursday: Ch18 Quiz








Read a "good" book (on level, or above) for 45 minutes at least every night.

 Monday: none

Tuesday: Correct Section 4 question

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Chapter 18

Friday: Chapter 18

 Language Arts/Spelling:




Spelling Assingment: Lesson 17. Do pages 82(practice), p83(1-23), p 85(1-10). Due Friday, Test Friday



Wednesday: Grammar 6.2

Thursday: Grammar 6.3

Friday: Writing-descriptive paragraphs


Monday: p231 #6-28

Tuesday: p233 #6-27

Wednesday: p235-236 6-25

Thursday: W/S 59


Social Studies:

Monday: Ch10, lesson 1 correct. Patrick Henry

 Tuesday: Ch10 Lesson 2 read p262-267

Wednesday: Ch10 Lesson 2 review p267 #1-3, 5

Thursday: Ch 10 geography p268-269

Friday: Ch 10 Lesson 3 read p270-273


 Monday: none

Tuesday:Lesson 39

Wednesday: Lesson 39 activity

Thursday: Lesson 39 review

Friday: none