6th Grade

6th Grade News

6th Grade Homeroom News:

Math “Paid to Work” Project:

Congratulations to the students who earned $1,000 in February & March!  We are looking forward to celebrating the success of these students with a pizza lunch and movie on Wednesday, March 22nd.  Pizza order forms and movie permission slips will be sent home soon.

Camp Hamilton:

Our next Bake Sale is set for Wednesday, March 29th! A Sign Up Genius email has been sent out. Please sign up to bring something if you are able. Remember to log your volunteer hours! Thank you!!!!

Thank you to April Morris and Carol Preuninger for organizing, shopping and making our delicious Camp Lunches on 2/24!! The numbers are not yet in, but we figure that about 60 lunches were served! The profit will be just under $300 for that lunch! Thank you to Stephanie Johnson, and Bruce Apostol for helping in the kitchen! Next Camp Lunch is Thursday, March 16th!

Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets are here!  Each 5th and 6th grader is asked to sell 16 Brown Bear Car Wash tickets.   They are good at any Brown Bear Car Wash. The regular price for a car wash is $10 - $14. People will be saving $3 in purchasing one from your child! If people want to upgrade to a more expensive wash, they can pay extra at the time they get their car washed.

An envelope containing these tickets has been given to your child. Tickets will be sold for $7 per ticket. Payments may be made with cash, or checks made out to, "St. Pius X School."

When tickets have been sold, please return the envelope containing the checks and cash to Mrs. Brown. If you are unable to sell the tickets, please return them to Ms. Creighton or Mrs. Van Hollebeke. We will find a buyer for them!

Our Hot Chocolate sale fundraiser will be on Monday, March 20th from 12noon to 12:40. A Sign Up Genius invitation has been sent for you to provide hot chocolate, cups, spoons, marshmallows. Please have this to the kitchen in the gym no later than 11:30am on 3/20/17. Thank you to Aster Yared and Hirut Gidey for heading this fundraiser!


Please send a water bottle to school with your child.  This will limit the number of times students are leaving class, missing instruction and work time as they get a drink from the fountain. Thank you!  Also, please make sure your child has a warm coat, hat, gloves for outdoor recess. Students are sent outside if it is not raining. Thank you!


  • I am checking planners on Fridays. Please initial your child’s planner on Thursday nights. Many students are forgetting to do this.
  • Sweatshirts/Sweaters need your child’s initials on the tag! Students are already misplacing them. Help us, to help your child find their missing sweatshirts!
  • One Community Service experience is required at the end of each month.
  • Homework is updated on the website on Sunday. http://www.stpx.org/classpages/6th-grade/6th-grade-homework

Dates to remember:

  • 3/16/17 - Camp Lunch Fundraiser for Camp Hamilton.
  • 3/17/17 - Stations of the Cross, 1:00pm.  No free dress.
  • 3/20/17 - Hot Cocoa Fundraiser for Camp Hamilton.
  • 3/22/17 - Pizza Lunch/Movie for those who earned $1,000.
  • 3/23/17 - Speech Contest.  1:05 in Gym.
  • 3/29/17 - Bake Sale Fundraiser for Camp Hamilton.


Mrs. Van Hollebeke,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




 *** Science- I am offering tutoring for any 6th grade student ONLY on Wednesdays until 4:30-5pm I will be here come in if you need some extra help!!

** New site http://www.newpathlearning.com/login/  We will be starting this March 15th -How to log in would be students first name with the first letter being capital then followed by stpx and the password is 000000

CH.5 will have a project on Meosis/Mitosis as Test Grade. Be prepared to move right along! Ch.6 we will be talking about how DNA is transcribed and made! 

2017 6th Grade Expectations/Reminders:

-Planners everyday - teacher will check that planner is filled out on Thursday's - two lottery tickets will be handed out if all days are filled out 

-Still doing lottery tickets!! The first class to fill up the Good Jar gets pizza party! They get marbles from me by being attentive, quiet, on task and respectful. Also if student gets lottery ticket and is called at the end of the week and they want to trade in for marbles(to put into Good Jar) instead of a toy then they may :) After a class fills jar up all jars will reset and a date for the pizza party will be determined. The other classes have a chance for a popcorn and soda party if they maintain good behavior and obey their contracts. They have to keep doing a good job! :)

-Wednesdays is computer lab time or national geogrpahic article readings with summaries  

-Teacher will keep track of days that warm-ups were done(sometimes we wont have time) and if students have any warm-ups or as much as I do then they get that many extra credit points at the end of each month              

No late work accepted unless student lets me know before his/her class time or has a note- Missing work slips will be enforced  

SMART Goals - Beginning of each month student will write 1 or 2 goals  and keep to it 

Extra Credit- Once a month students can preform a lab that they found in a book or online and either do it at home and how me via pictures or PP or do it at school with materials(must have on note card what they learned, how they would improve it and how they did it) or may find an article that is Science related and do a summary on it - this is quiz grade 100pts  

Class Contract and Team! Every class created a team name related to their subject matter and came up with words to decribe how they want to be treated, how they should act and how others should be treated. They will sign this and follow it.

 -Ms. Nadalin















































6th Grade Homework




Prayer Test (3/28/17): I Hunger and Thirst for Holiness

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation; you make us hunger and thirst for holiness.  Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation: you call us to true fasting: to set free the oppressed, to share our bread with the hungry, to shelter the homeless and to clothe the naked. Amen.

Community Service for March:  Due Friday, 3/31/17.

Tuesday (3/28/17): Prayer Test - I Hunger and Thirst for Holiness.  Unit 2 Test - Chapters 6, 7, 8.

Wednesday (3/29/17):  Mass. Complete Unit 2 Test.

Thursday (3/30/17): Virtus Lesson. Safe People.  Questions due Friday.  Planners go home Thursdays for parents to check and initial.

Bring a Rosary to school for our Friday morning Rosary with all of the middle schoolers!

Friday (3/31/17): Stations of the Cross. 1:00pm.





Weekend homework due Monday: Ch 7 Questions on Number the Stars

Monday: Read through Ch 7 by Tuesday.

Tuesday: Number the Stars Essay Assigned. Freewrite possible response.  5 Paragraph Graphic Organizer with Text Evidence - Due Thursday. (Have students use their annotations.)

Wednesday: No Literature Class on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Use graphic organizer to write thesis statement and introduction in class.

Friday: Introduction and 3 support paragraphs due.



Language Arts/Spelling:




Weekend HW due Monday: None

Monday: Work on spelling

Tuesday: Number the Stars Graphic Organizer. Using Quotations in Direct Quotations.

Wednesday: No Language Arts on Wednesday.

Thursday: Direct Quotations vs. Indirect Quotations

Friday: Spelling Test. Work on Rough Draft.


Assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted.  O = Odds, E = Evens, 1/3 = Every third problem, 1/4 = Every fourth problem.

Website will be updated over the weekend for the upcoming week. 

Math Help Times:

Monday:  12:40-1pm

Tuesday:  7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Wednesday: 7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Thursday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Friday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Monday: (March 27, 2017): 

Group A: IXL.com Computer Lab Math practice.

6th Grade: IXL.com Computer Lab Math practice.

Tuesday: (March 28, 2017): 

Group A: Review. Pg 158 (#1-25).

6th Grade: Subtract Mixed Numbers. Pg 222-223 (#1-37).

Wednesday: (March 29, 2017):

Group A: Diagnostic Check. Pg 159 (#1-28).

6th Grade: Choose Computation Method. Pg 225 (#1-33).

Thursday: (March 30, 2017):

Group A: Understanding Fractions. Worksheet Pg 37 (Both sides).

6th Grade: Problem Solving. Pg 227 (#1-10).

Friday: (March 31, 2017):

Group A: Understanding Fractions. Pg 161-163 (#1-33 Odd).  Even problems are extra credit.

6th Grade: Review. Pg 230 (#1-17).

Social Studies:

3/27/2017 -Starting Chapter 9 - Unit 5

 Monday: 4 Worksheets Due Friday




Friday: 4 WS Due

 Science: March 27-31

Hw might change from time to time depending on what we get to cover on a particular day

**Starting http://www.newpathlearning.com/  supplemental curriculm material during computer lab time! **Free Site** Login info students first name (first letter capital)  then stpx and password 000000


Monday: Protein Synthesis PP and watch Ameoba Sisters Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Tuesday: In class we will be going over Transcription Common Core Aligned Article - DNA Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Wednesday:  work on Directed Reding Ch.6 Due April 7th Day of test and Science Worlds Due Friday! 

 *I will not be able to meet for tutoring after school today!

Thursday: DNA task cards Hw- Work on Ch.6 Directed Reading due March 31st!!

Friday: Extraction of DNA from Strawberry and onions! HW- Begin working on Ch.6 Chapter Review TEST APRIL 7th

Directed Reading Ch.6 due today!!

Next week Fun with Codons mini Lab 


  I have subscribed to the following website that is 100% kid friendly and lets them study! The website is- http://NeoK12.com/user/StPiusX and the Password is 756756 - the students have access this way and can look on the Dashboard -I have created certain games and added videos particular to what each grade is learning!

Other great websites are - http://BIOLOGY4KIDS.com , http://Sciencekids.co.nz  and http://kids.nationalgeographic.com