8th Grade

8th Grade News

  Hello there! My name is Ms. Nadalin! This year I am teaching 6th grade Life Science, 7th grade Physical Science and 8th grade Earth Science :)

The best way to communicate with is through email at

or through your childs planner. I am having all students bring planners to class to write down homework each day to get a stamp. I want them to write no HW even if they dont have anything.

If a student needs more time on an assigment and they have a legitimate reason then they are to tell me in  ADVANCE. I have told the students they need to let me know BEFORE they come to my class (ie in the morning or have an emial sent or have a note) As a middle school we are not accepting late work and will have your stuednt fill out a yellow missing HW slip and it will go to Mr. Parker.



 Dear 8th Grade Parents,

 Pizza Party was a success! For Ch.5 8th grade will do a research paper on a renewable energy source of their choice. This will be their test grade. We will still be going over the chapter but HW will be limited so they can work on paper. They will have mentor time to work on paper and I will supply them with some book resources. After resource chapter I plan to move into Astronomy! Its a jump but I hope that the students will enjoy the unit and be able to connect it to our world today!


-Planners everyday - teacher will check thay planner is filled out on Thursday's - two lottery tickets will be handed out if all days are filled out 

-Still doing lottery tickets!! Everytime Good Jars are filled up class gets pizza party! If student gets lottery ticket and is called at the end of the week and they want to trade in for marbles(to put into Good Jar) instead of a toy then they may :)                

No late work accepted unless student lets me know before his/her class time or has a note- Missing work slips will be enforced  


Extra Credit- Once a month students can preform a lab that they found in a book or online and either do it at home and how me via pictures or PP or do it at school with materials(must have on note card what they learned, how they would improve it and how they did it) or may find an article that is Science related and do a summary on it - this is quiz grade 100pts  

-Class Contract and Team! Every class created a team name related to their subject matter and came up with words to decribe how they want to be treated, how they should act and how others should be treated. They will sign this and follow it.



8th Grade Homework



8th Grade:

Religion: March 27-31


Monday: Father in Class

Tuesday: BLMs 38 and 39 Due Friday ** Annonced today that CH.9 Quiz 3/30 and Unit 2 Test 4/4

Wednesday: HW start reading Ch.9 and Practice for Good Friday

Thursday: Discussion Ch.9

Friday: Pactice for Good Friday play *Saint Report Due 3/31**






Weekend Homework Due Mon: Read Poetry Packet

Monday: Meter in Poetry: Write 2 4-lines stanzas of poetry and document the rhyme scheme and meter.

Tuesday: Meter in Poetry.  Choose a favorite famous poem and track the RS and Meter. Poetry Feet.

Wednesday: Practice RS & Meter.

Thursday: Quiz on Meter & Rhyme Scheme & terms 1-10. Find 10 examples of "conventions"

Friday: Memorize favorite poem to present to class.  

Language Arts/Spelling:


Spelling Lesson: CH 19, Pg 92 1-20


 Tuesday: Spelling Pre-Test. Ch 19. Grammar Review.

Wednesday: Correct Grammar Review.

Thursday: Essay Topic Assigned.

 Friday: Spelling Test Ch 19


Assignments are due the following day, unless otherwise noted.  O = Odds, E = Evens.

The website will be updated over the weekend for the upcoming week.

Math Help Times:

Monday:  12:40-1pm

Tuesday:  7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Wednesday: 7:30-8:15am, 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Thursday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Friday: 12:40-1pm, 3:30-4pm

Monday (March 27, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: IXL.com Computer Lab Math Practice.

Algebra 1: IXL.com Computer Lab Math Practice.

Tuesday (March 28, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Chapter Standardized Test Practice. Pg 269 (#1-12).

Algebra 1: Chapter Review. Pg 423-426 (#1-31).

Wednesday (March 29, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 5 Test.

Algebra 1: Chapter Test Practice. Pg 427 (#1-30).

Thursday (March 30, 2017):

Pre-Algebra:  Ratios/Rates. Pg 278-280 (#1-56).

Algebra 1: Chapter 6 Test.

Friday (March 31, 2017):

Pre-Algebra: Convert Rates w/Measurement. Pg 282 (#1-13).

Algebra 1:  Exponents/Exponential Functions Pre-Req's. Pg 432 (#1-13).



Social Studies:

3/27/2017 - Continued work on Constitution Review Project. Please ask your student to look at outline and objectives. First Draft of Quiz and Glossary due 3/30. Final Projects Due 4/6/2017.

Monday:Started project

Tuesday: Working on Glossary of Terms and Quiz



Friday:Glossary and Quiz Due



 Science: - March 27-31

Hw may change throughout the week

 Monday- No class time

 Tuesday-  Start discussion on Mapping Stars ch.18 sec 2 HW- Terms to know and What You'll do (objectives )

In computer class go to http://www.windows2universe.org/

Wednesday: Astronomy Articles - Finish for HW

Thursday: No Class time

Friday: Stations of the Cross - Science in the morning with constellation PP HW- go to http://geology.com/astronomy/ and pick 2 Topics on the page to summarize in a paragraph and graphing constellations WS

 ***Good Website to use for this unit***http://www.windows2universe.org/the_universe/uts/ast_history.html

 I have subscribed to the following website that is 100% kid friendly and lets them study! The website is- http://www.neok12.com/user/StPiusX  Username StPiusX and the Password is 756756 - the students have access this way and can look on the Dashboard -I have created certain games and added videos particular to what each grade is learning!

Other great websites are - http://geology.com/ , http://Sciencekids.co.nz  andhttp://kids.nationalgeographic.com



























































































































 Due to classroom instruction, homework may change.